Investments in Real Estate

Have you already organized your investments in real estate? Perhaps we can offer you something interesting. Americainvest provides investments in American real estate. Because of the financial crisis, house prices have dropped by as much as 70% and many Americans have had to cede their house, with mortgages, to the bank. They are required to rent a house for the next couple of years. In this way, the homeowners market has become extremely attractive. When you invest in American real estate now, you not only profit from an appealing capital gains, but also a high rental income! With a rental return of 10% to 15%.

This is the Time to Invest in Real Estate

This is the time to arrange your investments in real estate! Americainvest would like to assist you with extensive personal advice. We will gladly put together the perfect real estate portfolio for you so that you not only receive a high return on investment on the renting, but also appealing prospects with regard to capital gains. We work closely together with carefully selected local partners. On top of that, you get to register the real estate with the notary and keep management in your own hands. That sounds like a good idea!

Take Care of Investing in Real Estate Now

Start with investing in real estate now! Do you also want a high return on your investment? Our professional team is ready to help you. Make an appointment now and we’ll select the best houses for you. Call +31 (0)20 331 2954 now, or contact us using the contact form, or e-mail:

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