Investing Money

Investing money is easy, but getting a high return out of your investment is an art. We at Americainvest can make sure that you invest your money well and receive a high return. Would you also like to profit from attractive investment benefits? Then read on!

Because of the financial crisis, the house prices in America have dropped by as much as 70%. Many Americans have had to hand in their house key at the bank and cannot receive a mortgage for a couple of years. They are obliged to rent a house. At Americainvest, you will profit immediately with a renter’s return of 10% to 15%! When you invest in American houses now, you will get a high return on investment by renting and you will also have attractive prospects with regard to capital gains on the houses.

Investing Money Attractively

Investing money has never been so attractive! Americainvest will gladly inform you of the possibilities. We work closely together with carefully selected local partners and only act as mediators. You register your investments at the notary yourself and keep everything under your own control. Contact us today and we’ll assemble the ideal house portfolio for you together in which you will receive both high renting returns and appealing capital gains.

Invest Money, Do It Now!

This is the time to invest money! Don’t simply keep those Euros, that only decrease in value, in the bank for only 3%! What are you waiting for? Our professional team is ready to assist you. Let us advise you without obligation and make an appointment! You can reach us at +31 85 2737462 or contact us using the contact form or e-mail:

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