Investing in Real Estate

Investing in Real Estate

With us, you can not only invest in real estate with a high return on your real estate, but also with a high renter return. Because of the crisis, the house prices have dropped by 70% and now is the time to react. We offer houses in America including tenants, as a result of which you receive direct returns from your investment. The renter return goes from 10% to 15%. That’s direct value for your investment!

Investing in Real Estate with Americainvest

Americainvest has years of experience when it comes to investing in Real Estate. We work with a small team and carefully chosen local partners. Since we do not work on a large-scale level, we can offer you personal and appropriate advice. Vastgoed Amerika chooses the best areas for you. This way, you have a free choice between a higher ROI from renting, and more attractive prospects with regard to capital gains.

We only provide the mediation; you register the investment at the notary and keep complete control. In this way, your investment is accessible and the real estate is truly your own property.

Invest in Real Estate NOW!

So don’t wait any longer with investing in real estate. Would you also like a high return on your investment? Make an appointment with Americainvest NOW! We will immediately give you the right advice and make investing in real estate very appealing. Call us now at +31 85 2737462 or contact us using the contact form or

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