Investing in Real Estate

Investing in real estate has never been this attractive. Because of the financial crisis, many Americans have not been able to afford their mortgage and they have had to yield them to the bank. As a result, the prices of real estate have dropped by as much as 70%. All these Americans cannot acquire a new mortgage for the next couple of years and instead must rent. Because of this, the homeowners market has become extremely attractive. When you invest in American real estate now, you not only receive the prospect of appealing capital gains, but also an immediate renter’s return of 10% to 15%! Would you also like to benefit from this phenomenon? Then read on!


Don’t wait any longer with investing in real estate

This is the time to invest in real estate! We can thoroughly advise you about the opportunities. Since we only act as a mediator and consultant, your investments remain in your own hands. You register them yourself at the notary. Americainvest works closely together with trusted local partners. In this way, we assemble an ideal real estate portfolio together with you. Consequently, you receive a high return on investment through renting and an excellent forecast with regard to the capital gains of your real estate.

Invest in Real Estate Now

Invest in real estate with Americainvest now! Inquire after the possibilities and make an appointment immediately. You can reach us at +31 85 2737462 or contact us using the contact form, or e-mail:

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