Invest in Real Estate

Investing in real estate has never been such a good idea! But only in America. Thanks to the financial crisis, the price of U.S. Housing has dropped by 70%. Most Americans have had to give up their houses to the bank and are forced to rent a house. This makes the market extremely attractive.

Thanks to this phenomenon, you can already buy real estate including tenants from $ 35.000. You will immediately receive a rental return of 10% to 15% and of course highly appealing prospects with regard to capital gains. That’s what you want, right?

Investing in Real Estate with Americainvest

Americainvest is your partner when it comes to investing in real estate. Our highly professional team is ready to assist you. We only act as consultant and mediator, and work closely together with local partners. In agreement with you, we’ll assemble an ideal mix for a high return on investment on the renting and promising capital gains of your real estate. You make your own investment at the notary. This way you keep the management in your own hands. Everybody benefits. Wouldn’t you also like to profit from the financial crisis?

Invest in Real Estate Now

Don’t wait any longer with investing in real estate! This is the time to get direct returns from your investment. We are ready to help you. Make an appointment today and get advice. Call +31 85-2737462 now, or contact us using the contact form, or e-mail:

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