Investing in Real Estate

Would you like to invest in real estate? Then America is the right place to do so now! We are specialists in providing investments for the home market of America with a very high return.

At the moment, the house prices in America have dropped by 70%. Thanks to the financial crisis, many Americans have had to hand in their house key to the banks and rent a house. As a result of this phenomenon, fewer houses are being built and it has become extremely appealing to invest in the homeowners market. It is expected that house prices will significantly increase over the next couple of years. When you invest in these houses now, you will not only receive expected high returns from the real estate itself, but also a high renter’s return of 10% to 15%!

Reliable Real Estate Investing

If you wish to invest in real estate, now is the right time. Americainvest is there for you as a mediator and as consultant. We select the best areas in America so that we can offer you high returns. We make the ideal mix for you so that you will receive both a high ROI with respect to the increase in value and the renter’s return.

Americainvest only represents reliable local partners who have already been screened beforehand. Since you purchase the houses yourself via the notary, you have complete control of your investments, but while still using the local rental company. Everyone is a winner!

Investing in Real Estate with Americainvest

This is the time to invest in American real estate. We will gladly give you detailed advice as to why. Call +31 85-2737462 now, or contact us via e-mail:

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